Magala Thyagaraju

Magala Thyagaraju (Facility Manager) has completed his formal training as Wireman at Govt. Polytechnic College at Tirupathi. He has started his career as an electrician at Amara Raja Batteries Limited, which is the technology leader and one of the largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries for both industrial and automotive applications in the Indian storage battery industry. Later, he worked as engineer at several companies and took incharge in planning and building 400/220 kV substations following the government norms. Thyagaraju has also led the projects on civil construction of buildings, wiring of MCC, PCC, C&R, ESP, AMF panels and industries, hotels and commercial facilities. Being the facility manager at EMPE, Thyagaraju takes the responsibility to supervise the construction of the manufacturing facility, installation of electricity supplies and assists in day-to-day operations at the production plant.