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Founders of EMPE Diagnostics: Mats Nilsson and Pavan Asalapuram.

Photo: Niklas Björling.

In the 90’s, Prof. Mats Nilsson and his colleagues at Uppsala University discovered a novel molecular method, which revolutionized the molecular diagnostics. This unique and sensitive technology can detect DNA or RNA or proteins precisely, enabling its applications in molecular biology and biomedicine. In 2013, the pharmacist-molecular biologist, Pavan Asalapuram, joined Mats Nilsson’s team as a researcher and became the project manager for an Indo-Swedish project to develop a molecular test for the detection of antibiotic resistant TB bacteria. Since the technology required a powerful microscope to read the results and most clinics did not have access to such equipment, Pavan realized that the methodology had to be improved.

Pavan simplified the result-readability by integrating the molecular method with lateral flow chemistry (similar to a pregnancy test strip) and developed a paper-based readout (cassette). The cassette provides visual signals (red lines) for the presence of bacteria and its antibiotic resistance genotypes that can be easily read by laboratory personnel or medical doctors. After performing scientific validations, filing patents and trademarks, Prof. Mats Nilsson and Pavan Asalapuram founded EMPE Diagnostics AB in October 2015. Today, EMPE has performed additional product improvements and validations. EMPE has recently inaugurated the Global Production and Sales Unit in Hyderabad (India), considering India as EMPE’s initial target market.

EMPE Diagnostics Global

EMPE Diagnostics AB Sweden is an interdisciplinary R&D-based biotechnology company that develops rapid diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases with a special focus on Tuberculosis. EMPE Diagnostics AB Sweden supplies the technology to EMPE Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. India for the global production of such test kits.

EMPE Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. (EDPL) India is a wholly owned subsidiary of EMPE Diagnostics AB Sweden. EDPL India has been established to manufacture the products researched and developed by EMPE Sweden, and shall serve the local and global markets for such commodities.