Mats Gullberg

Mats Gullberg is the Vice President and Research Director Q-linea AB. He has over 20 years of experience within the Life Science Industry and academic research. He holds a PhD, has authored more than 20 scientific publications, and is named inventor of close to 10 patents and patent applications, including the circle-to-circle amplification method of padlock probes. Dr. Gullberg is a co-founder of the life science company Olink AB, where he functioned as CTO until 2014. Olink AB successfully generated spin-off companies such as Halo Genomics(Agilent), Q-linea AB and Olink Proteomics AB. Dr Gullberg has participated in research, and has worked to transform scientific research into products that now are offered for sale by companies such as Olink AB, Thermo Fisher, Sigma Aldrich (Merck), and Agilent.