Catharina Lagerstam (Chairman)

Catharina Lagerstam (Chairman), PhD in Financial Risk (founder of the Value-at-Risk model), MBA, MSc Engineering, professional member of the board, independent advisor and private investor. She presently works on the board of ICA Försäkring (ICA Insurance), Image Systems, Phoenix Biopower.

Catharina Lagerstam previously served on the boards of Elektronikgruppen, Erik Penser Bank, ICA Banken, Kommuninvest (joint Treasury of the Municipalities), Landshypotek Bank, The Swedish Academy of Board Directors in Stockholm, and a number of other companies/organisations. Lagerstam has also served on the Advisory Board of the Swedish Armed Forces.

During the -90s Catharina Lagerstam served as Risk Manager at Stora Finance in Brussels, as Executive Officer at the Swedish Bank Support Authority with responsibility for the valuation process and the recapitalisation of Gota Bank. She was also the CFO of Hufvudstaden Real Estate. During the -00s, she worked for Jan Stenbeck with the European launch of Tele2, the telecom company, and subsequently as Director at the clearing house Clearstream in Luxembourg.

Catharina became known for the general public in the spring of 2010 when she resigned from the Board of HQ AB, a Swedish bank, a few weeks after having been appointed. The controversy regarded the valuation of a derivatives portfolio, and later led the FSA to revoke the license of HQ Bank. She was awarded the prize of ‘Årets Ryggrad’ (‘Spine of the Year’) for 2010 from Veckans Affärer, a business weekly. In 2016, Catharina was awarded the prize of ’Årets GRC-profil’ (’The Governance Risk and Compliance profile of the year’) from an independent industry jury.